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Ethics, Environment and Quality

During the marketing process of its products, Melchioni S.p.A. places a great importance on safety, health, the environment, and the ethical treatment and protection of people. 


The quality level is guaranteed by precise control processes and by functional and dimensional tests that are constantly carried out. The implementation of semi-automatic tests in the single stations, the use of test benches dedicated to every product category and an end-of-line traceability system, will further confirm our production standards.

Quality policy

ISO 9001 Certification

The certification process according to the ISO 9001 norm is one of the tools our company has chosen to qualify its business, to gain customers' loyalty, fueling their satisfaction and to purse the goal of a sustainable growth.

ISO 9001 Certification


Melchioni Motion is committed to constantly work in respect of the global environment and the local society, taking into account every aspect of environmental conservation and its constant improvement.

Environment policy

Conflict Minerals Policy

As a privately held company, Melchioni S.p.A. is not subject to the Conflict Minerals reporting requirements but as a manufacturer of products that contain 3TG’s (Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and Gold) Melchioni is adamant and committed to operating in a responsible way by supporting this Act. 
Melchioni S.p.A. pledges to not knowingly procure material supplies and components that contain minerals in which directly or indirectly benefit armed groups in the DRC and/or surrounding countries.  


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