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MOTION, not only in Europe. Russia and the USA also in our sight

04 Dec 2018

The Motion Division is on track to finish 2018 with an increased turnover and, more importantly, a full team. Production moved to Borghetto at the end of May. From 2019, we will focus on growth and development of new products. In addition to this, our newly-created sales network made up of professionals in this field allows us to open up new and previously-unexplored avenues (campervans and caravans, boats and trains). Foreign markets remain a priority. Along with our Italian salesforce, we have developed a sales network in France, Germany and Turkey. In Russia, we have recently signed a distribution agreement with Geomir, a specialist in software design for the agricultural sector with a turnover of more than €30 mn. We have grown in the USA where we want to further strengthen our business with a small yet efficient logistics model, allowing us to provide a better service to our clients and to identify new opportunities. In 2019, our new melchionimotion site will be online, giving our partners greater visibility and ease of access to each division.

by Paolo Migiarra, Director of the Smart Solutions and Motion Division